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What is the SPI Resin Identification Code?

Posted by Jeff Knapp

In 1988, The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI), now known as the Plastics Industry Association, created the Resin Identification Code (RIC) system. This system was developed to provide a consistent national program to help sorting line workers identify post-consumer packaging types using the six basic packaging resin classes. Contrary to popular belief, the codes weren't intended to be consumer-facing recycle symbols for plastics.  The RIC system was supposed to be used to identify the types of plastic resin used to make common products like bottles and other packaging during the processing stage before recycling. 

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Why Recycling Expanded Polyethylene and Expanded Polypropylene is Good for Sustainability and Profitability

Posted by Chad Plotts

The demand for sustainable materials, including expanded foam plastics, is pretty evident these days. When recycling foam materials like expanded polyethylene and polypropylene, economical transportation is often a major issue that can make or break a recycling program.


Expanded polyethylene (EPE) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) have become sources for a variety of packaging and energy absorption needs. In most cases, these materials are fully recyclable and even more valuable as recycled 

commodities. The values for recycled polyethylene and polypropylene recycling codes continue to climb as more and more avenues for these recycled materials are becoming apparent.  Environmental debates over plastic materials have driven up the demand to divert these foam materials from landfills. Yet all too often, these fine materials that are in high demand in the marketplace are sent to landfills as waste.

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What Do Recycling Symbols on Plastics Mean? (Part 1)

Posted by Doug Malawey

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What Do Recycling Symbols on Plastics Mean? (Part 2)

Posted by Doug Malawey

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