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A Compression Line is the complete package for efficiency and performance for your foam recycling operations. The design configuration employs a large textile buffer silo between the foam grinding operation and the compression system. The separation of the grinding unit from the compacting system eliminates the capacity limitation of the compactor at the grinding operation.

The primary advantage of the Compression Line is the increase in operator productivity. In most cases, the foam grinding operation is capable of much higher capacity than the foam compacting system. The operator can freely load the prebreaker without limitation. The silo system also allows more efficient handling of the incoming material stream especially when handling bulk unpackaging operations.

Another advantage of a silo system for foam recycling operations is the ability to place the grinding process in a separate area of the facility from the compacting operation. The silo line allows the grinding system to be efficiently accessed at the waste origination, while allowing the compacting system to be in an alternate location of the facility.

Multiple foam grinding stations are also a possibility using the Heger Silo Line system. In many facilities it is preferred to have multiple grinding stations at the source of the foam scrap production. Using the Heger silo line, multiple grinding stations can feed one single location for the foam compression system.

Heger silo systems allow for the use of multiple foam compacting systems to provide for necessary capacity of high-volume foam recycling operations.

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