Foam Equipment & Consulting Co. understands the need for foam recycling solutions that get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently. That is why we offer the solid reliability and innovative engineering of Heger foam recycling systems. Heger foam compacting machines are designed to densify foam materials for reduction in volume and provide your organization the ability for economical foam recycling operations.

Heger Foam Compactors provide excellent processing capabilities for many different types of foam plastics. Heger foam densifying systems offer:

  • Automated, electrically driven pressure control
  • Cold compression foam densifier technology
  • High output with low energy consumption
  • Robust design for extended service life
  • Complete electric system operation
  • PLC-operated program software
  • Optional variable speed drive
  • Optional conveyor feed
  • Low maintenance

Heger Compacting Systems for Foam Recycling

Heger Tiger Series: EPS, XPS, Styrofoam foam materials

The Heger Tiger Series EPS foam compacting machine makes the foam disposal process effortless. Using innovative cold-compression technology, the Heger Tiger EPS densifier compresses bulky EPS foam waste into manageable, stackable blocks. Not only does the Heger Tiger foam recycling compactor help your organization save on transport and disposal costs; the compressed material is highly valued in foam recycling markets.

Heger Lion Series: EPE, EPP, EPS, XPS, and Styrofoam foam materials

The Heger Lion foam Compacting System is considered the all-arounder of foam recycling compression systems. The Heger Lion is predominately designed as a polyethylene foam densifier to meet the demands of higher density foam plastics. Polypropylene foam recycling operations are also easily achieved through the Heger Lion Compression System. Not only can this line compress bulky foam waste, but it can also handle PE foil pieces and compress it into dimensionally stable blocks.

Heger Compression Line: EPS, XPS, Styrofoam, EPP, EPE silo operation

The Heger recycling systems crush and compress a variety of foam waste materials into recyclables. Heger compression lines provide efficient operation, while lower storage and transport costs in the process. Providing a buffer zone between the Heger TREX Grinding System and Heger compactor eliminates the operator stand-by periods during the foam recycling operation.

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