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The ability to effectively recycle foam plastics requires specialized equipment for either grinding or compression of the foam product. Foam Equipment & Consulting Co. is a proud supplier of Heger Recycling Systems enabling companies to responsibly reuse, recycle, or reduce the waste volume of foam plastics.

Performance oriented machine concepts, designed by Heger, offer a wide range of options for foam molders, foam recyclers and companies processing foam plastics. The various types of foam recycling machinery enable grinding as well as compacting solutions for the most effective re-use of the recycled foam product.

HEGER Grinders, Dedusters, Mixing and Metering Equipment

Foam Recycling demands high-quality, energy-efficient technologies to provide the most value from the recycling operation. Foam molders and recyclers can achieve the most efficient processing possible with the availability of custom designed equipment specific to the needs of the operation.

Foam manufacturing companies may benefit the most utilizing Heger TREX and TORNADO Grinding Systems to process foam parts back to bead size particles for re-use of material in the molding process. Utilizing the Heger grinding equipment, foam materials such as EPS, EPP, EPE, and PUR can be re-used in the molding process and alternate applications.

Bead foam manufacturing, both shape molding and block molding, will benefit from the use of the Heger Dustex Systems for removal of broken particulate and dust. In combination, the Heger Pneumix and Powermix Systems accurately meter and blend regrind material with virgin material for accurate mixtures without separation of the two materials. Both systems utilize sensors to prevent mixing operation if either material streams are unavailable.

HEGER Compactors and Densifiers

Fabricators, distributors, and manufacturers that encounter issues with foam product waste will most certainly benefit from a reduction of waste volume. The Heger Tiger compacting system mechanically compresses EPS, XPS, and PUR foam materials for extreme reduction of volume and the option to eliminate bulky foam waste. The Heger Lion Compacting System effectively compresses alternate foam plastics such as polyethylene foam, polypropylene foam, and many other foam plastics. Once compressed, these materials can be efficiently transported to recyclers of the plastics.

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