Pre-Expander Model: TVD 100 TVD 300
Vessel volume: 100 liters 300 liters
Maximum pressure: 1 bar 1 bar
Throughput EPS: 40 - 50 kg/hr 120 – 150 kg/hr
Throughput copolymer: 30 - 40 kg/hr 100 – 120 kg/hr

Teubert Batch Pre-Expanders

The globally unique Teubert TDV small size pre expanders, which can be opened completely within seconds, were specifically developed for Lost Foam and laboratory applications. The behavior of all available EPS and CoPolymer materials were considered during the development of the TDV series.  Lost Foam castings depend on a high quality foam pattern with a homogenous density.  The TDV was developed to provide extremely consistent beads within a tight density spectrum.   The TDV - 100 LF is hinged from top to bottom and opens similar to a typical continuous pre-expander allowing complete access to the foaming chamber for complete cleaning between different materials such as EPS and CoPolymers.

The TDV series is excellent choice for molders who pre-expand colored material or any special materials due to its ease of cleaning.

The electronic control stores an unlimited number of programs for different materials and densities.

Steam pressures are electronically controlled using digital regulation with feedback loop, which minimizes density variances.

The TDV-100 system is complete with raw material loader, weight load cell, fluid bed dryer, and screener mounted on a work platform.

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