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What Can Be Made From Recycled EPS?

Posted by Jeff Knapp

In 2016, more than 118 million pounds of expanded Polystyrene or, EPS, was recycled in the United States alone. More than half of what was recycled was post-consumer packaging while the rest was from post-industrial recovery.

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Recycled Eps: Some Products That Exemplify Sustainability

Posted by Chad Plotts

Recycling expandable polystyrene foam (EPS) has become a growing concern because of the environmental issues associated with it and the negligent resource management of it. EPS products have a very marketable stance in today’s economy. Because the products are so widespread, their presence helps exemplify the sustainability of expanded polystyrene. Utilizing expanded polystyrene as a recyclable commodity and promoting its value can help improve recycling rates tremendously. These things can also make consumers more aware of recycled EPS uses and sustainability.  

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Recycled polystyrene, polyethylene, & polypropylene foam prices climb

Posted by Phil Plotts

Prices for virgin polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene resins in North American continue to increase.  Prices have increased as much as 20% or more since the beginning of 2010.  There has also been an increase in products made with recycled PE and PP content. These factors are helping to push up the prices for recycled PP and PE foam logs to very attractive levels.  At the recent Plastic Recycling Conference in Austin, TX, we received as many requests from buyers looking for material sources as we did for recycling machinery.  It is a good time to take a new look at your EPS, PE and PP foam wastes.  The return on investment for a foam compactor may be significantly better than a year ago.  We would be happy to assist you in your analysis and put you in touch with material buyers for updated material bids.
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Plastics Recycling Conference 2010

Posted by Phil Plotts

I want to let everyone know that we are exhibiting again this year at the Plastics Recycling Conference 2010 which will be held in Austin TX.  The conference will take place on March 2nd and 3rd.  The conference will include a tradeshow.  We will have booth #304 and would love to have you stop in.  The conference sponsors expect a great turnout again this year.  There were a record number of exhibitors this year and all spaces have sold out.  This primary focus of this conference is recycling, not solid waste management.  This is one of the best conferences in North America to meet people interested in recycling plastics of all types.  

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