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EPS Compactors vs EPS Densifiers: What’s the Difference?

Posted by Phil Plotts

Densifier...compactor…if you work in an industry that generates a great deal of EPS foam scrap, you’ve probably heard both terms being thrown around quite often. One thing you probably do know is that these machines can condense scrap EPS packaging blocks and boxes at an optimal volume reduction ratio.

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How to Reduce “Waste” Costs and profit by recycling Styrofoam!

Posted by Chad Plotts

Reducing foam packaging is an economical way to reduce waste costs. 


Expandable polystyrene and other foam plastics are 98% air making them very bulky in comparison to their weight. The high volume fills dumpsters quickly, leading to higher waste disposal costs.  Foam Compactors reduce the volume of expanded foam products, and in turn, less fees are incurred through reduction.  Also a benefit, compacted foam products can be shipped economically to a recycling location.  Compacting foam plastics can save thousands in unnecessary waste costs!

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EPS and Styrofoam is recyclable

Posted by Phil Plotts

There is an excellent article posted today on the Plastics Today website pointing out two important facts, EPS packaging is recyclable and EPS packaging is a small component in our landfills and solid waste stream. 

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Have you put off buying your foam compactor?

Posted by Doug Malawey

Have you been watching the Euro?

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Styrofoam Recycling

Posted by Jeff Knapp

There is a misconception that Styrofoam TM (Expandable PolyStyrene or EPS) is not recyclable and that is wrong.  EPS recycling is growing stronger every day.  Styrofoam TM or EPS is the number "6" recycling plastic and it must be reduced or compacted to make it feasible to ship to a plastics recycler.  It has become a coveted raw material for recyclers and they are discovering a wide range of markets for it.  

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