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Recycled Eps: Some Products That Exemplify Sustainability

Posted by Chad Plotts

Recycling expandable polystyrene foam (EPS) has become a growing concern because of the environmental issues associated with it and the negligent resource management of it. EPS products have a very marketable stance in today’s economy. Because the products are so widespread, their presence helps exemplify the sustainability of expanded polystyrene. Utilizing expanded polystyrene as a recyclable commodity and promoting its value can help improve recycling rates tremendously. These things can also make consumers more aware of recycled EPS uses and sustainability.  

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Exactly What Is Styrofoam? | Foam Equipment & Consulting Co

Posted by Phil Plotts

What Is Styrofoam?

You know what styrofoam is, right? It’s the squeaky, bright white material that’s used to make insulated coffee cups, packing peanuts, toys and those coolers you grab at the last minute when you’re headed to the park or the beach. That’s all styrofoam — or so you thought.

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