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Heger Recycling Equipment

Heger Recycling Equipment

Heger produces a wide range of recycling equipment for bead type foams (EPS, EPE, EPP). The various components are modular allowing us to provide a custom system to meet each customer's requirements.


Heger GZ-S-E Coarse Grinders

Heger "GZ" series grinders for coarse reduction.  Continue to Coarse Grinder Page.

Heger Pre-Breakers, Dedusters, and Fine Grinders

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Pre Breakers

Pre Breakers

Fine grind units

Pre Breakers Pre Breakers

Dedusting system

Pre Breakers

Mixing equipment

Pre Breakers



Heger produces a wide range of grinding and recycling equipment for EPS and EPP foam materials. Heger will supply complete systems or individual components. All systems are custom tailored to the customer's requirements.

HEGER - The Recycling Experts For Foamed Plastics!

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Equipment Video Downloads:

Coarse-Fine Grinding System Video (zipped format) 5.5 MB

Coarse Grinding System Video (zipped format) 5.1 MB

EPS Compactor System Video (zipped format) 5.3 MB

EPS Compression Line Video (zipped format) 9.6 MB

PneuMix mixing and metering video (zipped format) 3.7 MB