Posted by: Doug Malawey

Or any other business for that matter.

What is up with all this social media?  One of the products we handle is recycling equipment (compactors) for EPS and other foams like expandable polyethylene, expandable polypropylene.  We have a pretty nice website too.  Actually it's a great website.  (boss built it).  So do we really need to also have a Twitter icon 16x16Twitter account, a Facebook icon 16x16Facebook account, a YouTube icon 16x16YouTube account, a Linked In icon 16x16LinkedIn account, a Blogger icon 16x16BizBlogger account......blah...blah...blah.

 I used to laugh at the kids, (kids being a relative term) watching them chat, tweet, blog, text, etc: h...o...w...r...u?  By the time I type that on a fly size keyboard, I can pick up the phone and call the person.  (plus I'm not walking into people and walls while communicating)  Who has time to "follow" someone on Twitter?  I don't.  Besides I don't need to know when Paris Hilton is taking her dog out to potty, or Oprah is eating lunch.

When I finish watching the news on channel 4, and at the end they tell me to find them on Facebook, I ask WHY?  I just heard everything they had to say.  And if I missed something, when I go to their website to look it up, why would I then want to go to another website after I have seen it on their website.

Blogs.  Who has time to read them?  Yet we are told to blog blog blog!  Are you reading my blog?  If so, tell me so.  Comment.  Tell me what a stupid post or something.  Anything just to let me know someone took the time to read this.

All sounds a little crazy to me..........but

According to the experts we do need them.  If we want to "stay up" with the latest craze, we must be socially network savvy.  If we do not want to get left in the dust, we need to.  Everyone is doing it.  Get your info out there with everyone else.  Do we want to be the only one who is left out of the social media loop?  Well, I think not!

I am still not sure I understand it.  But we're doing it.  Hit us up on Twitter icon 16x16Twitter, a Facebook icon 16x16Facebook, Linked In icon 16x16LinkedIn, Blogger icon 16x16BizBloggeror check out our videos on YouTube icon 16x16YouTube.  We are in the 21st century man!