EPRO Continuous Cutting Line


EPRO Cutting Equipment for Block Molding


If you’re in the market for cutting equipment for block molding, Foam Equipment & Consulting is a proud supplier of EPRO’s Continuous Cutting Line. EPRO is known for its expertise in the areas of design, assembly, and project management for EPS plants and the company has a very strong reputation in the EPS equipment marketplace. Their Continuous Cutting Line can get the job done safely and efficiently.

EPRO’s Standard Continuous Cutting Line Benefits And Features:

  • CE certified
  • Fully automatic, continuous operation
  • Productivity: 15-17 blocks/hour @16 kg/m3
  • Block storage conveyor
  • Block tilting station
  • Block inlet station
  • Horizontal cutting station with individual transformer - 20 kVA
  • Side trimming station with individual transformer - 1,5 kVA
  • Acceleration unit
  • Vertical cutting (down cutting) station with individual  transformer - 2,5 kVA
  • Unloading and sheet handling unit
  • Manual handling roll conveyor
  • All transformers are thyristor controlled
  • Air cooling for wires in cutting stations
  • Adjustable conveyor speed
  • Special wire oscillation system
  • 12” touch screen control panel (Schneider/Siemens)
  • PLC control  system (Schneider/Siemens)



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