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North American Distributors of Shape Molding Equipment for Expandable Bead Foams.

Molding Equipment

Automatic Equipment For The Processing Of:

  • EPS - expandable polystyrene
  • EPE - expanded polyethylene
  • EPP - expanded polypropylene
  • Expanded Copolymers
  • Lost Foam Patterns

Specializing in EPS & EPP Machinery Sales,
Service, Parts, Plant Design

Major Product Lines:

Teubert Maschinenbau GmbH - Designer and builder of standard and custom EPS, EPE and EPP shape molding machines.

The Teubert machine is our "top of the line" and is widely used in Europe and North America for the processing of EPP, EPE, EPS, and Copolymer expandable foams. We have hundreds of these presses in operation in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Teubert's products are the "state of the art" in shape molding technology.

Teubert produces automatic molding presses for the following applications:

  • EPS and EPP insert molding
  • EPS shape and packaging
  • EPS plank
  • EPP energy absorber (bumper)
  • EPP plank, packaging, and general automotive
  • EPP sunvisor
  • EPS Lost Foam (EPS patterns)
  • Special applications

Today, the fastest growing market is Expanded Polypropylene foam molding for the automotive industry. Teubert is the world leader in this molding technology.

Heinrich Nymphius GmbH - Filling injectors for the EPS-EPE-EPP industry, both standard and custom. Lost Foam specialist. Ejection and Non-ejection models.

We are the North American distributor for the Nymphius line of fill guns, ejectors and accessories. The Nymphius line has been imported to the United States for the last 30 years and thousands are presently in use. This injector line is widely considered to be the best available.

Heger GmbH & Co. KG - Regrinding and recycling and compacting equipment and systems of all sizes..

Heger produces grinding, mixing and dedusting equipment for recycling EPS and EPP materials. They can custom design a system to meet most requirements. Heger systems can include pre-breakers, grinders, de-dusters, de-ionizers, blending devices, storage bags, conveyors and more.

Heger also produces a complete line of screw compactors for EPS and other foam materials. These units can achieve a volume reduction of up to 50 to 1.

Ege Proses Makina - Block molds, Cutting Lines, PreExpanders, Complete Block Plants.

Ege Proses produces high quality, well engineered block molding equipment, cutting lines, pre-expanders and accessories. Ege Proses is the leading supplier of EPS machinery in Turkey, producing quality equipment at reasonable prices.

Shiuh-Chuan Machinery Co., Ltd.- EPS/EPE machine builder for standard designs.

Shiuh-Chuan produces a line of EPS shape molding machines, block molding machines, cutting equipment and pre-expanders. Shiuh-Chuan is the premier press builder in Taiwan and their equipment has been imported to North America for 25+ years. This equipment is high quality with all of the features you would expect to find on today's molding machines and pre-expanders, and at a relatively low cost.

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