Vertical and Horizontal Block Molding

Ege Proses Machinery proudly manufactures both Vertical and Horizontal Type Vacuum Block Molding Machines.  The machines produce blocks with perfect fusion at low cycle times, producing up to 15 - 20 EPS blocks per hour at 16 g/l density.  The blocks are suitable for insulation panels, SIP applications, shaping by CNC cutting system for facade/decoration purposes, geo-foaming, etc.

Features common to both horizontal and vertical block molds

  1. Productivity (3 - 4 min/cycle) for 15 g/l with quality EPS material
  2. Beads Hopper with level control
  3. Bead Feeding Blower
  4. 10” Mitsubishi Touch Screen Control Panel
  5. Mitsubishi PLC Control System
  6. Foam Pressure Control to decrease faulty product
  7. Steam Pressure Control Valve – Gemü
  8. Special Design Steel Machine Body
  9. Steam Chamber Walls made by AISI 304 Stainless
  10. Steel Wedge Wire, produced in Germany
  11. Block Removal Conveyor and Weighing System
  12. Standalone Type Cabinet for Control Panel

Features of Vertical Block Molding include:

  • Low space requirement by vertical design
  • Precise and homogenous density
  • Only one hinged door to ensuring perfect seal for pressure
  • Low maintenance cost due to fewer moving components
  • Single filling section to ensuring uniform density
  • Vacuum filling to shorten filling time by blower
  • Ensuring longer life and less leakage with special tongue and groove door gasket

Features of Horizontal Block Molding Machine include:

  • Parallel moving door, guided by tiebars, driven with a hydraulic cylinder
  • Precise and homogenous density
  • Multiple fill guns to ensuring fast and homogenous filling
  • Vacuum filling to shorten filling time by blower
  • Longer life and less leakage ensured with special tongue and groove door gasket
  • Foam Pressure Control decrease faulty products
  • Ejector system by hydraulic piston
  • Eject out trailer with scale system