Block Molding


Ege Proses Machinery Co. 

Block molds, Cutting Lines, Pre-Expanders, Complete Block Plants.

Ege Proses is a particle foam (expanded polystyrene) machinery manufacturing company focusing on EPS Block and Shape machinery.  Ege Proses, located in Izmir, Turkey on the coast of the Aegean Sea (EGE in Turkish) produces high quality, well engineered block molding equipment, cutting lines, pre-expanders and accessories. Ege Proses is the leading supplier of EPS machinery in Turkey, producing quality equipment at reasonable prices.

Ege Proses Makina specializes in turn key plants and have been in the industry more than 23 years.  They celebrated their 13th year of machinery manufacturing in 2015.


Production Hall

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Verticle Block Mold

Automatic block mold and batch pre-expander

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